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My motorcycle's adventures

Jun/16/2007 - Curitiba -> Pomerode (Brazil)

Pomerode is a small town, in the country side of Santa Catarina state, near Blumenau (where brazilian version of Oktoberfest takes place).

A town colonized by the germans, and I can also say, that german is its second language. In this town there is one of the biggest motorcycle event of the state.

The riders

For this trip, I didn't plan anything, I invited a friend at last minute and he said yes.
Of course he said yes, he was excited with his brand new machine and he never gotten a road as a motorcycle rider before, I am pretty sure that it was unforgetable for him!

This guy in the right side is him, my buddy Daniel "Ramirez".

Each one with a machine. Mine is a Honda Shadow 600, and his a Yamaha Virago 535.

The trip

Okay, you already know the riders, now it's time to show the route we did:

Show large version

We left Curitiba at around 11:00am strainght to Joinville in the North of Santa Catarina state, where my parents lives.

In the middle of the way, it was drizzle, and we stopped for while to take a picture at the famous kilometer 666 of this road:

This is me right to the sign.

Before we started the trip I met a guy on the internet, called Maurício. When we got to Joinville, I called him to arrange a place to meet us. This place was the exit to Jaraguá do Sul. Maurício knew the way to Pomerode better than us.

This is Ramirez at the place we set up with Maurício

When Maurício arrived, he was with his girlfriend in the same motorcycle and his buddy in another machine. (I don't have any pictures from them at this point). Then they guided us all the way to Pomerode, crossing Jaraguá do Sul.

The road to Pomerode is really beautiful, with hills that remind us some movies, the only problem is that it was not a dublicated road, and that could be dangerous.

The event

We arrived in Pomerode around 2:00pm, I have never seen so many motorcycles together, all kinds of machines and all kinds of potencies, many presentations, shows, expositions, the organization was fantastic!

Ramirez pointing to one of the three patios of this event.

So, only there I had time to get a shot from my partners in this adventure:

From left to right, Maurício's buddy, he and his girlfriend, and Ramirez.

We stayed on the event until the evening, then I and Ramirez got the road back to Joinville, I didn't want to get the road at night, I and Ramirez didn't have enough experience, and getting the road at night could be risky.

The trip back

We got back to Joinville to rest at my parents house, and we were planning to get the road to Curitiba in the following morning.

I and Ramirez in front of my parents house.

For the trip back, I invited my sister, who is my partner in some trips. She, of course, didn't decline this opportunity.

We took back the same way we come, crossing the sea hills, at that time, it wasn't rainning. Like in begginning, we stopped at 666 kilometer sign and got some shots, and of course, this is an oportunity to introduce my trip partner:

This is Kelly, my little sister at 666 kilometer.

Well, this was my trip to Pomerode, it was important because it was the first time I got a road together with others riders, and it was the first time Ramirez got a road with his motorcycle. It was really fun.

I hope you have enjoyed that! If you have some comments, or some suggestions, please, let me know, send me an e-mail, it will be a pleasure to reply you.

Marcos Mathias

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