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My motorcycle's adventures

Nov/21/2007 - Curitiba -> Campinas (Brazil)

Campinas has a population with approximately 1 million inhabitants, one of the most important cities in São Paulo state. It is almost 50 miles north from São Paulo city

The riders

I have made better plans for this trip, but I traveled by my self. I was going to meet my work team, and attend some lectures in the company, in Hortolândia, the suburbian area of Campinas.

I and my little girl behind me, a Shadow 600.

The trip

This is the route I did:

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I left Curitiba around 5:55am, straight to São Paulo. It was a clear day, the temperature was around 68 degree Fahrenheit. Perfect for a trip!

I got the BR-116 (Régis Bittencourt road), and I couldn't resist to stop at Capivari's Dam. Here are some pictures I have shot there:

Capirari's Dam - Paraná - Brazil.

Capirari's Dam - Paraná - Brazil.

After traveling for almost 87 miles, I started to search for a gas station but I couldn't find any for the next 24.51 miles. I was desperate, my motorcycle was working with gasoline steam, it was on the reserve already. Finally in Cajati-SP I could find a gas station, I stopped there, it was 8:30am, got fuel enough, walked a little, drank a coke, and then continued my way...

After Cajati-SP, my problems began, the road was (sorry for the bad words) a complete crap, I couldn't travel for more than 1 mile without finding a hole, sometimes these "craters" were so big that they could eat me and my bike at once. You can see at the picture I got:

Craters of Régis Bittencourt road.

I needed to pass by this very bad road until i got closer to São Paulo.

My third stop was over the hills between Juquitiba and São Lourenço da Serra cities. This part of the road isn't duplicated, so you can imagine the chaos it was.

I arrived in São Paulo just before the noon, and I had no more problems with craters, then I got the Rodoanel Mario Covas highway, straight to Bandeirantes highway.

The Rodoanel is a brand new highway that surrounds São Paulo city, it works like a hub connecting all the other roads and highways that arrive or leave São Paulo. I passed by Guarulhos and the exit to Anhaguera (another highway) and finally I got the Bandeirantes highway.

My life changed when I got the Bandeirantes highway, I have never ridden in a highway like that: four roads, emergency phones (each 1.24 miles) and 75mph speed limit. Of course, all these things aren't for free, it is a private highway, you must pay fee twice between São Paulo and Campinas for that, and the best thing is: Motorcycle doesn't pay any fee! After all those craters at Régis Bittencourt I could pay any fee if necessary, and could pay smiling like a joker!

Bandeirantes Highway Emergency Phone.

Let me do advertise the company which holds the Bandeirantes highway: AutoBAn. That is the least I can do.

Right after I got to that highway I stopped for lunch, I was close to Campinas, but hungry and with a pain in my ass!

After this stop, I got quickly to Campinas. I arrived there at 1:14pm, after riding for 321.12 miles. I went straight to the Hotel, in Campinas downtown.

The guest room

I lodged at Ibis Hotel in #440 Aquidaban Avenue, Campinas downtown.

As all hotels it has some advantages and drawbacks, I will mention them:

  • It has parking;
  • It has an individual safe for each guest room;
  • A pretty good breakfast;
  • Easy to get to any road near Campinas;
  • For same guest room, one or two people can pays the same.

  • Drawbacks:
  • You must pay a tax for parking;
  • It has no guest room service;
  • Its breakfast is paid and it is expensive;
  • You can't open the guest room window;
  • It doesn't have enough channels on its cable TV;
  • This is the view I got at the guest room window:

    Guest room window view.

    In the day I arrived in Campinas, I went out with my work mates for a happy hour, and finally I met them personally, and we got a picture that will last forever:

    Leandro, Liza and I.

    Leandro and Liza, It was a great pleasure to meet you both!

    I was lodged at Ibis Hotel from Nov/21st to Nov/24th, when I was invited by an old friend of mine to be a guest in his own house (cheers Will!). Oh yes, the link on his name is an access to his own company web site.

    I felt very good at Will's house, his family was very nice to me, sometimes I felt a little shy, his mother woke up at 6:00am on Sunday and made me an exclusive breakfast.

    Thank you very much Will!

    The trip back

    I had a very calm trip back, I left Campinas at 6:30am, right after my exclusive breakfast at my friend's house.

    I took the same way I came, following the Bandeirantes Highway (today, when I close my eyes, I can still feel that road running under my feet). Soon after São Paulo I stopped, after riding for about 79.47 miles, already at Régis Bittencourt road (back to the hell of craters).

    I rode for 95.5 miles until Registro-SP, this is in the middle of the way between São Paulo and Curitiba, then I got some fuel at Graal gas station (a well known gas station in this area of Brazil), a very good one.

    The border between São Paulo state and Paraná.

    Then, after 98.78 miles, already in Paraná state, I stopped for the last time before arriving in Curitiba, at another very good gas station called Pampa 6.

    I arrived in Curitiba at around 2:00pm, and after all those holes in the road, I am already missing the guys in Campinas, the road and the asphalt's smell.

    From Campinas to Curitiba I rode almost 323.49 miles and a total of 644.61 miles the whole trip (my own record for a trip).


    I hope you have enjoyed that! If you have some comments, or some suggestions, please, let me know, send me an e-mail, it will be a pleasure to reply you.

    Marcos Mathias

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