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  • 16 States Sue to Stop Trump’s Use of Emergency Powers to Build Border Wall
  • House Opens Inquiry Into Proposed U.S. Nuclear Venture in Saudi Arabia
  • Bernie Sanders Joins the 2020 Presidential Race
  • Trump Delivers Blunt Warning to Venezuela Military Over Aid Impasse
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    Welcome to my web site!

    This site is under contruction, here you will find some stuff about me, either personal or professional.

    Feel free to interact and navigate in this site!

    What is new?

    - Feb/16/2008 - Personal -> My motorcycle's adventures -> 2008-02 Corupá
    - Nov/27/2007 - Personal -> My motorcycle's adventures -> 2007-11 Campinas
    - Nov/19/2007 - Professional -> Résumé
    - Nov/11/2007 - Personal -> My motorcycle's adventures -> 2007-06 Pomerode